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Generation Nxt Group

It is a name to reckon with across IT, Construction, Logistics, Energy, Communications, Security, Ammunition’s and Lighting .We are a conglomerate who identify with reciprocity and innovation led growth. Technology has been pivotal in our march towards facilitating inclusive growth. In everything we do we aim to improve the basics and instill best practices.

With our upcoming education sector we aim at redefining the very fundamentals of learning.
Same stands true for our near future ventures which are health care and hospitality. We are committed to fill in gaps of ethical practices in healthcare whereby the well being will hold the top priority. We aspire to be trendsetters in hospitality by rewriting the experiences altogether.


Our Vision

Innovate ideas to deliver needs. Contributing towards India’s prosperous and sustainable future, thriving to become India’s leading enterprise with a meaningful Global Footprint.

Our Mission

To build an eminent appellation across all the sectors with integrity, professionalism, quality and reliability.
GNG is driven by an innovative and experienced team spread across all sectors, to lend aesthetic and efficient advancements to all projects it undertakes.


Further Aspirations

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