Modular NEMP Cabinets Constructed from prefabricated Galvanized Steel panels Bolted and together with conductive mesh gasket between the panels, inside and Outside of Cabinet, MIL Grade Galvanized Steel.

Panels have Fully MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welded corners with conductive finish to prevent corrosion and high conductivity giving good RF performance The Top of the cabinet has M10 blind threaded inserts having the eyebolts fitted into these, They can be removed when not required without decreasing the RF performance .NEMP Cabinets are designed to user requirement’s providing a highly customized solution. The NEMP UPS Cabinet c an take a weight of 1000Kgs of Batteries and more.

The NEMP Cabinets Provides Shielding effectiveness.

Magnetic Filed 10KHz to 300 KHz = 60 dB
Magnetic Filed 500Khz to 1 MHz = 80dB
Electric Field 10Mhz to 80/100 MHz = 80 dB/90db
Plane wave field 250 MHz to 750MHz = 90 dB
Planewave field 1GHz to 18 GHz = 100 dB

Custom Design are available for NEMP Battery Cabinet. Design for any size & Type of Battery NEMP Cabinets are supported by custom design for mounting system of the Batteries. The NEMP Cabinets includes various NEMP waveguide Vent for Air Flow. NE MP duct is provided to Connect NEMP UPS cabinet with NEMP Battery Cabinet. Test Reports /Certificates f or Shielding Effectiveness is provided .

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